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Hi, I'm Yusuf,
a serial entrepreneur and founder of inqube. 

We are the experienced and high-performance managed consultancy in the core processes of the tech industry. We believe in the individuality of business models and develop the right measures for profitability for our customers in the mix of service, efficiency and effectiveness.

What Can We Do For You?

Let us take your business forward.

Business setup and structure

We help companies, organizations and start-ups with the right corporate infrastructure in different countries.


We offer telemarketing and PR services with the right strategies and policies that will aid us in finding and serving your clients more efficient.

Find the right workforce

We know how hard it is when it comes to find the right developer. We work with different univiersities to find you the best talent. 

Networking and events

From big conferences to private invited investment gala dinners, we experienced it all to satisfy your .

Investment advisory

Whether you want to raise or invest money. We are constantly looking for emtech start-ups to help them grow with our investors.

Building tomorrow

We love creative ideas! Let's take your idea in to a serious business, today. We will assist you during the whole process.

Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs


Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

Networking and events

The glamorous investment gala event provided a fantastic platform to connect entrepreneurs with investors interested in technology.

Senior Manager



Time and quality is the most important aspects for us. Inqube has proven us multiple times by achievening the hard tasks we've given.

Chief Executive Officer

ALKA Associations

Investment advisory

Following the instructions of Inqube has accelerated our business in many ways. Looking forward to a long business relationship with Inqube.

Chief Executive Officer

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